ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins Takes Vicious Shot At Charles Barkley Over Kevin Durant Criticism

Kendrick Perkins on the set

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ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins is coming to the defense of his former teammate Kevin Durant.

Last week,Charles Barkley, who has been extremely critical of Durant throughout the years, went on national TV and blasted Durant for being “very sensitive” to criticism.

“He’s very sensitive, great player, He’s part of that generation who thinks he can’t be criticized. He’s never looked in the mirror and said, ‘Man, was that a fair criticism?”

Durant fired back and said he would never respect anything to come out of Barkley’s mouth.

On Friday, Perkins took a direct shot at Barkley for criticizing Durant for going to the Warriors and teaming up with Steph Curry to win two championships.

“Only people that try to degrade someone’s championship is a person that never won a championship because they don’t know the journey and how it feels.”

“I’m talking about former players who try to knock another player that won a championship and they haven’t accomplished a thing”

“Like Charles Barkley who has been going at Kevin Durant, you don’t know how it feels to win a championship because you haven’t done it, and you tried to go to the Houston Rockets you’re damn self and team up with Hakeem Olajuwon”