Kevin Durant Fires Back At Charles Barkley Over Recent Criticism

Kevin Durant

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

Kevin Durant and Charles Barkley have had their differences over the years. Mainly due to the fact that Durant doesn’t like what Barkley has to say about him.

Well, the newly acquired small forward of the Phoenix Suns felt the need to fire back at Barkley yet again after some recent criticism.

During an interview, Charles Barkley called Kevin Durant “very sensitive.”

Durant responded to the clip late Sunday night, where he basically tells Chuck he’ll “never respect” him. Here is the future Hall of Famer’s full message.

Clearly, there’s no love lost between these two. It feels like they’re constantly going back and forth in the most passive-aggressive way as possible.

With that said, NBA fans are split on who to support. Roughly half of them agree with Barkley while the other half think Kevin Durant is proving Chuck’s point with his response.

Durant even responded to this guy.

Maybe this little feud will slow down one day. For the time being though, it seems Kevin Durant and Charles Barkley will continue going at it.