Kevin Durant Hypes Up Texas Interim Coach Ahead Of Longhorns Sweet 16 Matchup

Kevin Durant

Getty Image / Quinn Harris

The March Madness tournament continues on Thursday as the Sweet 16 tips off at 6:30 P.M. Eastern.

Kevin Durant recently felt the need to praise the Texas Longhorns interim coach for the team’s success this season.

Although Texas went through a coaching change midway through the regular season, the Longhorns still found a way to secure a two-seed in the NCAA Tournament. All thanks to Rodney Terry.

ESPN shares the kind words Kevin Durant had to say about Texas’ basketball programs.

Whether the Longhorns advance to the next round or not, this should be viewed as a successful season. They could have easily been dismantled after Chris Beard was removed from the program for domestic violence allegations.

However, Kevin Durant seems to believe that Rodney Terry is more than capable of being the long-term head coach of Texas. Especially considering Terry was on the Longhorns staff as an assistant back when Durant was playing on the team.

If they can pass Xavier in the Sweet 16, it’ll be hard to argue against Terry being the head coach of the Longhorns next year and beyond.

With that said, it’s cool to see Kevin Durant give props where it’s due. After playing for Texas before entering the NBA, he still clearly hopes for the best for the program.

It’s been a long journey for Rodney Terry. According to Boardroom, “Terry has experience as a head coach, though this is his first year leading a power conference team.”

After having a ton of success at Fresno State and UTEP, Terry is finally getting a chance to shine at Texas. With that said, Kevin Durant sees a ton of promise in Rodney Terry and the fans should too.