Former No. 1 Baseball Prospect To Make Pro Debut Before 17th Birthday

A view of the batter's box on the baseball diamond.


Ethan Salas signed with the San Diego Padres this January at the age of 16 years old. The Venezuelan youngster received a $5.6 million bonus after inking that agreement, and for good reason.

The catcher was considered to be the No. 1 international prospect in all of Major League Baseball. Just four months after landing that deal, he’s getting ready to officially begin his professional career.

Salas was called up to Low-A ball on Tuesday where he’ll suit up for the Lake Elsinore Storm.

The news comes just a couple of days before his 17th birthday.

That means he will play a full minor league season, successfully evading a stint in the Arizona Complex League. The ACL runs around 56 games where Single-A will last 132 contests.

Fans around the league have been quick to comment.

One follower wrote, “Oh, and he has a book report in the morning,” while another posted, “He needs a note for his teacher since it’s a school night.”

Someone else said, “I’m 16 and I can barely make the high school team.”

This social media user asked, “Is this completely unprecedented? If so, are we supposed to expect some Bryce Harper/Mike Trout level hype for this kid in a couple years?”

It appears so.

It will obviously take some time before he makes an impact on a Major League roster, but the fact that he’s already skipping the ACL could quicken a potential rise to the bigs.

It will be fun to see how Ethan Salas plays in his debut season, and where his career goes from here.