Bro Does A SPOT ON Impression Of Every College Football Fan In America And LOL, Oregon Is So Delusional

This bro (Scooter Magruder) has been around for several years now and he’s been honing his impressions of college football fans to near perfection. Early on in his YouTube career, he used to just shit all over Miami and FSU because he went to the University of Florida and suckles from the Gators teat. I will give him credit, he’s always been very fair in his impressions. When FSU fans were overly cocky (like the year before Jameis Winston arrived on campus) he called us on our bullshit. And in the video above he shows just how goddamn delusional Oregon Ducks fans are in thinking that their team will ever win a national championship at any point in the future…It’s just not happening.

I wish I would’ve come across this clip before the opening weekend games because a lot of what he says was dependent on those, like UNC fans spending the entire offseason talking about what it would’ve meant if they had beaten the Georgia Bulldogs. Also, there’s no way in hell that the Ole Miss Rebels fans can still believe Chad Kelly is the best QB in the nation after he got PIECED THE FUCK UP by an ACC defense, throwing three interceptions in his season opener….Just for good measure, here’s Scooter Magruder’s ‘Things SEC Fans Say’ from last year:

Other highlights: Ohio State fans completely incredulous at not being ranked #1 and calling out the SEC for being ‘so overrated’ (which, to be fair, it really is this year). And us fans of the Florida State Seminoles are 100% certain that Dalvin Cook will win the Heisman this year, it’s a foregone conclusion. If you watched Monday night’s game against Ole Miss when the ‘Noles came back from a 22-point deficit for the largest come-from-behind win in program history then you saw that Dalvin Cook spent the entire season working on his hands and is now a VERY SERIOUS THREAT in both the air and on the ground. Sadly, if your team got left out of these impressions it probably means they’re just not relevant this year and I hate to be the bearer of bad news about that…

…via Whistle Sports YouTube