Gamer At EVO 2015 Finds Out Why Being Premature Always Sucks

If there’s one thing all of us dudes knows sucks, it’s being premature in anything. Whether that means getting somewhere too early and being the one jackass who waits alone in a restaurant and wastes time on his phone, or, obviously, getting a bit too excited too fast while hooking up with a girl, the word premature is one that should actually frighten bros.

Another instance where doing something too early has proven to be bad? In sports, where players have gotten a little bit too full of themselves prior to actually finishing a play.

While these gamers might not technically be athletes in my book—though they were competing in a best-of-three, semifinal match of this year’s EVO 2015, otherwise known as the world’s biggest video game competition—one of them, a guy named Woshige, experienced the pain of say, Leon Lett, during the Super Bowl that one time.

Duking it out in a classic matchup full of frantic thumb and finger pulses on their controllers, Woshige staged an absurd comeback against his opponent, Ogawa, keeping his hopes alive to advance after being behind early on.

Now, back to that whole premature thing.

Unconscious that the match wasn’t actually over, Woshige stood in exuberance, dropping his controller in the process to gloat about the accomplishment—and he got burned because of it—as Ogawa pummeled his opponent’s character on his way to victory, as the commentary went fucking nuts over what had just unfolded.

Seriously, hearing these announcers give play-by-play makes me want to hire them for everything I do during a day.

Anyway, back to the lesson here, kids—always remember to stay humble and never, ever, be premature at anything you do, or you might get burned in a big way.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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