Ex-UFC Star Paige VanZant Shares Bathing Suit Pics And Videos With Former WWE Star Mandy Rose

Paige VanZant on the red carpet

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Former UFC star Paige VanZant and former WWE star Mandy Rose hooked up for one of the best collabs of the year.

Last year, Rose went viral when she was fired by the WWE when she shared racy pictures on her premium subscription site


“The WWE felt they were put in a position where they needed to release her due to what they considered the explicit nature of the content on her FanTime page.

They considered this to be outside the parameters of her WWE contract. In following up, WWE sources indicated to Fightful that they felt like the content was not appropriate for one or more of their partner relationships, and that she didn’t seem interested in ceasing posting.”

Since then Rose has been thriving with her premium subscription site and has made over $1 million after getting fired by the WWE.

Earlier this week, Rose went viral when a video of her photoshoot collab with VanZant was shared on social media.

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