League-Wide Expectation Is That One Star Receiver Will Be Traded

Arizona Cardinals star DeAndre Hopkins

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

Since the Arizona Cardinals‘ 2022 season came to an end, there have been rumors swirling about what the future holds for DeAndre Hopkins.

After the team’s disappointing season and with Kyler Murray expected to miss time in 2023, reports surfaced that he could be traded.

According to The 33rd Team’s Ari Meirov, that is now the expectation around the league.

This year’s free agent class is not that deep, which could make the trade market for receivers a popular destination. The league-wide expectation is that he will be dealt at some point this offseason.

It’s a new regime in Arizona, they want to get younger. Hopkins needs a new contract as well, everyone involved would like to get a fresh start. This one is more than likely going to happen at some point this offseason.

There are some who believe the Cardinals shouldn’t trade Hopkins after barely getting to see him, Marquise Brown, and Kyler Murray together last season.

However, the team’s owner referred to them as a rebuilding team today while discussing why they didn’t make a deal for Sean Payton and it wouldn’t make much sense for a rebuilding team to hold on to Hopkins.

The Cardinals have some nice pieces to begin that rebuild, but another 1st round pick would be a big help as they look to improve their defense and along their offensive line.

Hopkins proved after returning from suspension that he still has plenty left in the tank and he could give a big boost to a contender.

Unfortunately, that just isn’t what the Arizona Cardinals are right now and as a result, it looks like they’ll be moving one of their best players.