Here’s a Map from Facebook Showing Every Baseball Team’s Fans By County

In honor of Opening Day, Facebook chewed on its user data to map which baseball teams are most popular in each U.S. county.

Yankees fans will be pleased to note that a.) Facebook isn’t shying away from Larry Lucchino’s term the “Evil Empire” by painting their fan base in black, and b.) They’re everywhere. The Yankees have a strangehold on the New York, New Jersey area and random areas elsewhere in the country, including Florida, New Mexico, and Louisiana. Louisiana! It all boils down to this: if you don’t have a major league team within 150 miles of your hometown, you’re a Yankees fan (because we’re all horrible front-runners.)

“Lemme just hold a couple” — Miami Marlins

Meanwhile, the Red Sox own the Northeast, dominate areas of the West, and even show up in parts of Alaska. Scrappy underdog it ain’t.


Anyway, can you spot your county? Agree with the data?

[H/T: Buzzfeed, WSJ]