I Faced A UCLA Softball Pitcher To See How Many Dingers I Could Crush, And Things Got Real Humiliating (VIDEO)

When it comes to sports, all dudes fantasize about playing in a league that they think of as “below” them and straight up dominating the competition. Like, I’m pretty sure I would be the LeBron James of a basketball league made up of seven-year-olds.

Whenever I’ve watched college softball, I’ve thought to myself, “give me one at-bat against one of these dames and it’d be dinger city.” Sure, they’re at the top of their game and have devoted their life to the sport, but I played on my frat’s intramural team, so I feel like we are basically equal.

Well, thanks to a brave UCLA softball pitcher by the name of Selina Ta’amilo, I finally got my chance. I was prepared for my face-off with her to basically be a homerun derby. My goal was to hit at least ten out of the twenty pitches out of the park.

Check out the video and see how I did…

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