This ’30 For 30′ About ‘Angels In The Outfield’ Is The Best Sports Mockumentary In History


If you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably watched every single 30 for 30 documentary that ESPN has released, religiously parking your ass on your couch for the newest one to be released.

With so much love for the series, we’ve seen a lot of fake ones pop up on the Internet, giving us stories of hilarious shit that we can all relate to—and this Angels in the Outfield one is one of the best ever.

Telling the story about how the team went from worst-to-first during the 1994 season, the commentary, fictional statistics that are tossed out and the references to other ’90s sports movies like Space Jam and Happy Gilmore there are on-point, dudes.

OK, now that we’ve got this one out of the way, can someone do the untold story of Henry Rowengartner in the movie Rookie of the Year, because, dammit, that would be something else worth watching.

[H/T College Humor]

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