Falcons Star WR Calvin Ridley Announces That He’s Stepping Away From Football To Focus On ‘Mental Wellbeing’ During Team’s Game Vs Panthers

Calvin Ridley

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Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley is taking some time off in the middle of the season.

On Sunday afternoon, Ridley announced that he was stepping away from football to focus on his mental wellbeing.

The announcement comes after Ridley missed his second straight game due to a ‘personal matter.”

When asked last week as to why he wasn’t playing, Ridley said that it was personal and not anyone’s business.

Via Yahoo Sports

“For me personally, it shouldn’t matter because – mind your business. But in today’s world, yeah, I do (understand why people are curious why).

“To me, I don’t think it should. If I say it’s personal, it’s personal.”