Fan Gets Absolutely Obliterated By Security Guard After Running Onto The Field At Braves Game

Fan Gets Crushed By Security After Running On Field At Braves Game

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Near the end of Wednesday night’s game between the Cardinals and the Braves in Atlanta a fan made a very bad decision. No, the bad decision wasn’t running onto the field. It was the fact that, despite showing a tremendous amount of speed, he screwed himself by running behind home plate instead of into the more spacious outfield.

Had he chosen better, perhaps a certain SunTrust Park security guard would not have been able to lay a crushing Ray Lewis-esque form tackle on him, putting an end to his 15 seconds of glory.

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Naturally, because… I honestly have no idea why, we all always want to see it when it happens, ESPN’s broadcast did not show the guy get dropped like a bad habit, but thanks to 21st century technology there is no shortage of different looks at the security guard’s hit stick.

Seriously, what was he thinking? Again, not the whole running onto the field part, but why head for the backstop? Clearly, he didn’t give his plan of attack much thought.

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