‘No Fun League’ Trends After Fans Blast The NFL For Announcing Stricter Enforcement Of Taunting Penalties This Season

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The No Fun League is at it again.

On Tuesday, the NFL sent out a memos to teams that points out that taunting penalties will be strictly enforced this season after several coaches complained about it during the offseason.

According to the memo, two taunting penalties from a player will result in an ejection.

“The NFL Players Association, coaches and competition committee have all made a strong statement regarding respect among everyone on the field,” the video says. “We saw an increase in actions that clearly are not within the spirit and intent of this rule and not representative of the respect due opponents and others on the field. Game officials have been instructed to strictly enforce the taunting rules, and players and coaches are reminded that two taunting penalties committed by an individual player will result in automatic disqualification. In addition, the taunting player may be fined and/or suspended depending on the severity of the actions.”

Here’s an example of what constitutes a taunting penalty next season.

Fans were clearly not happy with the NFL’s new strict policy against taunting and got “no fun league” to start trending on social media immediately after the news dropped.

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