Fans Call Out The NFL For Lying About Erroneous Blown Whistle In Bengals-Raiders Playoff Game


NBC Sports

The NFL has released a statement over the controversial erroneous blown whistle in the Bengals-Raiders playoff game, and fans are not satisfied with their response.

On Saturday night, a ref in the Bengals-Raiders game inadvertently blew his whistle while the ball was still in the air during a Joe Burrow TD throw late in the second quarter. The refs allowed the TD to go forward despite the inadvertent whistle.

Due to the fact that the ball was still in the air when the whistle was blown, the touchdown should have counted.

After the Bengals’ 26-19 win, the NFL released a statement claiming the refs allowed the TD because they said the whistle came after the catch.

Fans were beside themselves and blasted the NFL for straight-up lying about when the whistle took place, considering there’s video evidence.