Fans Clown Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Over Ridiculous Comments About The Philadelphia Eagles And LA Rams

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Jerry Jones is one of the least successful owners in the entire NFL over the past 25 years.

Despite owning the league’s glamour franchise, Jones has failed to lead the Dallas Cowboys to even one NFC Championship Game in that time.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Los Angeles Rams, meanwhile, have had immense success. The Rams won two Lombardi Trophies in that span. The Eagles won one in 2017 and could win yet another in 2023.

So it’s odd, then, that Jones would be critical of the way that either team has addressed roster building in recent years. But this is Jerry Jones, and as we all know he has no problem speaking without knowing what he’s talking about.

Jerry Jones Makes Senseless Comments About Rams’ And Eagles’ Recent Success

Jones was in attendance at the 2023 Senior Bowl recently to scout college talent ahead of the NFL Draft. While there, reporters asked him about the way that Los Angeles and Philadelphia have made bold roster moves in recent years that have paid dividends. His response was nothing short of puzzling.

In essence, we’re seeing a couple of teams (Eagles and Rams) that have had some real success putting it all out there and paying for it later. Don’t think that doesn’t pop in my head and get my eye, as far as doing it, and I know how to do that.

It’s part of what you put in that computer and what comes out. We’ll see how it comes. But that’s pretty impressive to have two teams in the last two years empty the bucket and get to the Super Bowl.”

But if you miss, it’s a long go. On the other hand, my general experience has been that if you stay aggressive, I’m talking whether it’s on the field or off the field, but then you pick the shots with risk taking, and I’ve spent a lot of time in my life doing that.

My point is, I do know how to take risks. They are absolutely right. We have been in the middle here for a few years, but I like where we are right now, more in the middle. – via Jon Machota of The Athletic

Where to even begin with that?

To start, Jones’ “general experience” has been that of losing when it matters for 27 years. And what about the middle would make him like where his team was at? Jones should be trying any and everything to break the cycle of mediocrity he’s locked his organization into.

Fans of both the Cowboys and opposing teams raked him across the coals for the comments.

For a man that seems so concerned with his legacy, Jones seems to forging his in steel as a giant loser.