Fans Told There Would Be No National Anthem Played Before Game, That’s When Amazing Happened


There were three NCAA Softball Regional games played at Lafayette, Louisana on Sunday. Some unpatriotic dunderhead made the dimwitted decision to not play the national anthem before the third game due to time constraints. The awesome crowd didn’t give a care if there was enough time or not, they were going to get their national anthem.

The fans at Lamson Park pleaded with the public address booth to play the treasured song, but they did not oblige. That’s when the entire stadium took the patriotic initiative and SANG THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER IN UNISON!

Even the players couldn’t help but to be overwhelmed by the patriotism; they stopped doing their warm-ups and took off their caps in respect.

I have such a ‘Murica boner right now.