Fans React To Hot Mic Picking Up Georgia Head Coach Kirby Smart’s Heated Profanity

  • University of Georgia head coach Kirby Smart got caught a hot mic dropping an f-bomb on national TV
  • Twitter and college football fans were quick to make jokes about Kirby’s enthusiasm
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The #1 ranked Georgia Bulldogs play host to 4-4 Missouri on Saturday. It’s meant to be a relatively easy game for the Dawgs but scoring was hard to come by in the first quarter before it picked up and Georgia opened up a comfortable lead.

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart was heated with around 5 minutes left in the 2nd quarter and he got caught dropping a passionate f-bomb on a hot mic. Everyone watching national TV caught Kirby’s profane enthusiasm and from the echo on the feed it almost sounds like it was broadcasted to the entire stadium as well.

People on Twitter were quick to share clips of the hot mic and make light of the fact that Kirby Smart is so heated on a game that’s quickly turning into a blowout. Kirby’s hot mic moment came immediately after a penalty that forced Georgia to settle for a field goal instead of putting 7 points on the board.

It sounds like he’s saying “GET OFF TFB” or “COME OFF TFB” or “LOOK AT TFB” but I can’t really make out which one he’s saying.

Some reactions:

Most college football fans love a hot mic. I know profanity bothers many people but for some reason, those same people always seem to forgive college football coaches.