Fans React To LSU Losing In The Most Brutal Way Possible

LSU lost to FSU in the most brutal way possible.

Late in the fourth quarter, LSU drove up the field and scored on a 99-yard drive with no time remaining on the clock.

While kicking the extra point, LSU had their kicked blocked and FSU won the game.

Fans reacted to the wild ending in the LSU-FSU game.

“Gotta say, two point is the right call here from LSU. 50/50 chance to win game with mobile QB?”

“That’s why you go for two. Scared football isn’t winning football. Unbelievable LSU (LSU!) can’t kick an extra point.”

“I feel so sorry for you LSU fans. The rollercoaster of emotions. Two muffed punts but somehow still stayed in the game. Got one more play to score and actually did. Then, the extra point is blocked. Wow.”

“College football is crazy 😭 hey LSU, at that point you might as well have went for two. You have all the momentum and you put the game in the hands of a kicker . Deserved L 😂”

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