Fans Rip Video Quality Of Amazon’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ Stream For Second Week In A Row

This week the second Thursday Night Football game streamed on Amazon Prime, and fans are still having technical issues with the stream

Before the start of the season, Amazon execs assured fans they would have enough bandwidth to deal with the millions of viewers who planned to watch every week.

Via Bloomberg

Amazon has spent months preparing, communicating with internet providers to make sure they are ready for an expected spike in traffic. It will reduce picture quality for fans with low bandwidth to ensure their stream doesn’t crash. And it has hired more customer-service representatives to field the inevitable complaints on social media.

“I don’t think there’s any company more prepared than we are to handle that type of scale and that type of challenge,” said Jay Marine, an Amazon veteran and former technical adviser to Bezos who now oversees Amazon’s sports business. “It’s what we’re good at.”

For the second week in a row fans complained about buffering and video quality of the stream on social media.

“Anyone else’s Amazon Prime stream look like you’re watching a VHS tape on a high def TV?”

” no my picture is not out of focus. This is just the prime video stream of the Thursday night football game…. Meanwhile, other streaming services can handle 4K no problem on my Internet connection.”

“Can we please stop showing Thursday night football on
@amazon. The stream buffers more than you can watch the game”

“Amazon Prime should hire pirated sports streamers to fix the choppy video on #ThursdayNightFootball. Illegal streams are smoother than this”

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