NBA Fans Troll LeBron James And Remind Him Of His April Fools’ Day Tweet After He Airballed Potential Game-Winner Vs Pelicans

Lebron James

  • LeBron James tweeted an April Fools’ Day joke on Friday afternoon.
  • The joke tweet ended up backfiring on him after the Lakers went on to lose a crucial game vs Pelicans.
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LeBron James decided to make an April Fools’ Day joke before a crucial game, and it backfired on him badly.

On Friday afternoon, James joked that he was going to be out for the season hours before the Lakers game against the Pelicans, which had significant playoff implications.

LeBron ended up playing the game against the Pelicans and ended up airballing a potential game-tying 3-pointer during the Lakers’ loss.

The Lakers are now in the 11th spot in the western conference and have a tough road to get to the 10th spot to qualify for the play-in game.

Fans immediately mocked LeBron over his April Fools’ Day joke tweet after the Lakers’ loss.

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