Fart Noises Played During Washington Nationals’ Batting Practice, Brings New Meaning To The Word ‘Whiff’ In Baseball

by 4 years ago

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsIn the words of one of my ex-girlfriends, “farts are funny, man.” It turns out that the Miami Marlins thoroughly believed in this saying, too.

With the visiting Washington Nationals taking batting practice yesterday, the Marlins PA team thought that they would have some flatulence fun as their opponents stood in the batter’s box, actually pumping through fart sounds through the stadium speakers.

Per the Washington Post, the Nats have been known to play unusual batting practice music at their home park for visiting teams, so it appears the Marlins just thought to give them the same treatment—with a little childish twist, of course.

The entire anal audio session was tweeted out by Dan Kolko of MASN, who couldn’t believe what his ears were hearing—or what he was actually tweeting.



I’ve heard of a whiff while swinging and missing as a batter in baseball, but this is just a little bit too literal meaning if you ask me.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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