Fat Joe Just Called Out An NBA Reporter For His Rumors About Donovan Mitchell And The Miami Heat

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  • New York Daily News reporter Kristian Winfield says that the Miami Heat, not the New York Knicks, are Donovan Mitchell’s dream team.
  • Winfield sites a conversation with rapper Fat Joe as his source for the information.
  • But the Terror Squad founder says that Winfield is making that conversation up.

It’s not surprising to learn that rapper Fat Joe would be tied in to NBA circles.

Joe is an industry legend and a longtime diehard New York Knicks fan.

What is surprising, however, is to see him use as a source to break news about an NBA superstar. New York Daily News reporter Kristian Winfield did just that one Thursday. According to a report from Winfield, Fat Joe told him the following.

But the rapper says the conversation with Winfield never happened.

This led to an interesting exchange where Winfield brought up Fat Joe’s appearance on his podcast.

Fat Joe did say on the podcast that Mitchell and he are close and that Mitchell has never mentioned wanting to be on the Knicks, but he didn’t seem to mention the Miami Heat anywhere.


Fans are now coming after Winfield for allegedly fabricating quotes from the rapper.



Right now Mitchell is locked into a long-term max contract that he signed in Nov. 2020. But the Jazz appear to be entering an uncertain phase, especially if ESPN’s has anything to say about it. Windhorst seems to believe Utah is on the cusp of blowing it all up.

Hopefully everyone learned an important lesson in this process. Don’t use Fat Joe’s name for clout if you don’t want him to come for you.