Brian Windhorst Hilariously Ignites The Conspiratorial Imagination Of NBA Fans With Simple, Searing Question: ‘What’s Going On In Utah?’

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  • Kevin Durant requested a trade out of Brooklyn on Thursday, June 28.
  • ESPN NBA reporter Brian Windhorst was on First Take on Friday morning to discuss the fallout.
  • Windy gave a hilariously long-winded answer about the Utah Jazz that sounded like a true crime podcast.

As a former New Jersey Nets fan and therefore Brooklyn Nets hater, the largely self-inflicted misery that the franchise has put themselves through ever since they left the shadow of Giants Stadium has been a great source of enjoyment for me. As any mob movie will tell you — never turn your back on the family.

That pattern of two steps forward and, I don’t know, five steps back appears to be repeating itself once again in Brooklyn, as superstar Kevin Durant formally requested a trade on Thursday night, immediately throwing the organization into a state of upheaval. KD’s franchise-altering move also came after Kyrie Irving, who was given permission by the Nets to seek a sign-and-trade deal, decided to opt back into his contract with the team after he was unable to find another team foolish enough to pay him.

Now that it seems certain that Durant will move on from the Nets, NBA reporters are beginning to speculate where the future Hall of Famer could end up, as is tradition. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, appearing on First Take on Friday morning, came prepared with what Mina Kimes aptly describes as a true-crime podcast-sounding tale of mysterious roster decisions being made in… Utah.

Brian Windhorst floats conspiracy theory about “what’s going on in Utah?” as it relates to Kevin Durant

Despite the fact that the moment happened with First Take‘s bench players in (no offense, of course), some sports fans are saying it’s one of the best moments in the history of the long-running hot take show.

If KD does end up in Salt Lake City, we need to get a security detail on Windhorst ASAP. Powerful people may start coming after him.

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