FAU Coach Dusty May Reportedly Tried Quitting Hours After Being Hired, Now Is On A Final Four Run

FAU celebrating Final Four bid

Getty Image / Ben Solomon

It’s been a wild year of college basketball, as the men’s tournament has three new faces in the Final Four.

One of which, is FAU, who have gone on a remarkable run. With that said, perhaps their bid to the Final Four is crazier than we previously thought.

According to Matt Norlander, head coach Dusty May reportedly wanted to quit as the head coach just hours after being hired by FAU.

Apparently, he signed a contract with the Owls without seeing their facility. Once he set his eyes on it, he started having regrets.

“Dusty May opened the door, looked at Anna (his wife), and broke down into tears. It’s March 2018. May had signed FAU’s contract that made him a first-time head coach just a few hours earlier. And here he was, bawling in a hotel room, trying to figure out a way to back out of the deal.”

May revealed that at the time, he believed he had committed career suicide, per CBS Sports. “I walk in the room and I started crying and said, ‘I just committed career suicide. I’m not good enough. I can’t do this.'”

Luckily, Dusty May stuck around with FAU, as the team is now in the Final Four just five years later.

Imagine had he backed out of the deal. Would the Owls be where they are today? Who knows? But at least FAU is at the top of the college basketball world with Dusy May leading the way.

Look for the Owls to potentially make history, as they aim to win the National Championship. They’ll have to get by the San Diego State Aztecs first though.