Female Weightlifter Snaps Her Arm In Two Places In Gruesome Injury At The European Weightlifting Championships

Don’t continue into this article unless you are prepared to witness a truly horrific sports injury. A female weightlifter was competing at the European Weightlifting Championships when she suffered the ghastly injury when her arm snapped in two places.

We take you to the European Weightlifting Championships in Batumi, Georgia, where Gaelle Nayo Ketchanke was competing in the women’s 76 kg (165 pounds) category. The woman from France attempted to lift 110kg (242 pounds). Ketchanke attempted the weight twice and failed both times. In her last attempt, she suffered a nightmare injury and it is tough to watch as her arm snaps like a twig. This is reason enough to never attempt to lift anything heavier than 50 pounds.

The 30-year-old Frenchwoman buckles from the weight and immediately falls to her knees in pain and the barbell falls on top of her. The video shows the weightlifter writhing on the floor in absolute agony. The break happened in multiple places and it is a hair-raising injury. But what might be more haunting is the screams of agony that Ketchanke screams after her arm snaps. Don’t watch if you don’t want to hear the harrowing, blood-curdling screams of torment and pain.

This person saw the gruesome arm-snapping injury in person and this was his reaction.

[protected-iframe id=”ce2ffdbf3181a0f1dfa402fe722cfa24-97886205-93291949″ info=”https://giphy.com/embed/YocAnnl6yCcB9HcHbA” width=”480″ height=”264″ frameborder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowfullscreen=””]

Ketchanke was taken out of the stadium on a stretcher and rushed to a hospital. Her left arm is broken in two places and suffered a dislocated elbow. This is why you drink your milk, kids.

Ketchanke is a three-time silver medalist at the European Championships (2015, 2016 and 2018) in the women’s 76 kg event. Hopefully, Ketchanke heals in time to compete in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.