Bro Goes Fishing For Catfish…In The Sewer…And It Works

If you ever wake up one day and find yourself homeless this is one skill you should commit to memory: you can catch channel catfish in the sewer. This is not your typical waste water sewer, it’s a storm drain so what you’re dealing with here is mostly rain water. It’s still probably grimy as hell as the train water collects all of the oil residue, pesticides, and everything else from that neighborhood but none of that can stop a catfish from living down there because they’re some of the hardiest fish around.

Next time you go fishing for catfish I want you to remember that you don’t need to go far, you can just walk on down the street and drop a line through that opening in the manhole cover. I wouldn’t suggest eating that fish once you get it up to the street but you should know that the channel cats are at least down there.

(r/videos via TheFishWhisperer)

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