Fishing With A Glock 9mm Handgun Underwater? These Lionfish Don’t Stand A Goddamn Chance

The grey line that divides hunting and fishing just grew even murkier after these bros demonstrated how fun and easy it is to go fishing/hunting for Lionfish, an extremely invasive species in Florida, using a Glock 9mm pistol. Lionfish were never meant to make it to the Gulf of Mexico waters, and there’s some discrepancy on how the fish were first introduced but in general it’s suggested a few of the fish were dumped into Florida waters during a hurricane back in the 90s and that handful of fish multiplied like rabbits. And as noted in this video, a SINGLE Lionfish consumes 80% of a coral reef’s edible baitfish within 5 weeks of arriving on that reef. They’re a goddamn terrorizing nuisance!

You can now dive reefs off the Atlantic or Gulf Coast of Florida and come across THOUSANDS of these fish in one day, they’re everywhere. And their numbers continue to grow because Lionfish are outfitted with poisonous barbs making them inedible to the normal predators of Florida’s waters (sharks, grouper, etc). In an effort to cull the swelling numbers there are countless Lionfish tournaments held throughout the year, designed to get these fish the hell off Florida’s reefs, but it’s only putting a minor dent into the population numbers.

Think I’m exaggerating? Check out this footage of just how quickly these fish pile up on a reef:

Now, if we could get this ‘Glock 9mm Lionfish Hunting‘ activity to take off then we might really have something on our hands, a hobby that could lead to a serious decline in the Lionfish numbers. This brings hunters who are otherwise disinterested in spearfishing out into the water and hunting for Lionfish. You introduce a whole new breed of outdoorsman into the fold, one that could make a real dent in Lionfish numbers. Already, Lionfish are being sold at Whole Foods throughout the state of Florida in an effort to get the public eating this fish so that commercial fishing can begin to remove the invasive species from our reefs but it’s still not enough. If you’re interested in learning more about this invasive fish just follow that link below!

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