iFishing? Bro Uses An Old iPhone As A Fishing Lure And I’m Legit Shocked At How Well It Works!

Most fish, in general, are not what you’d consider to be of the genius variety. The basic function of a fish is to eat, sleep, rave, and repeat (actually it’s just to stay alive and procreate, that’s it, they don’t do anything else). Self-preservation doesn’t really require an inordinate amount of intelligence and thus fish haven’t really evolved into hyper-intelligent beings over the years, which is why it’s so goddamn easy to catch them sometimes.

Sure there are fish that are EXTREMELY difficult to catch but those fish are usually just overly cautions/wary, like bonefish, or the fish is monstrous like tuna and marlin and that’s their natural defense mechanism. In general though, fish are stupid and will mostly strike at anything that’s shiny and moves, which in this case includes a broken old iPhone. The only thing I really question about this video is how heavy the early iPhones are. I don’t have any of the recent iPhones hanging around my house, but I do have some of the Gen 2 or 3 models in a drawer somewhere in case my phone ever dies and I need an interim phone for a few days. Those early iPhones were heavy as shit, and while you could chuck them a mile attached to the end of a fishing line they would also likely sink extremely quickly, they were as heavy as your average vertical jig that you’d use in 110-feet of water for amberjack. So I’m not really sure why he’d choose to use this iPhone while surf casting for fish, but then again he caught an 11-pound fish while I’m just sitting here blogging about fishing, so obviously he knows more than I do.

Now, are any of you bros willing to give this a shot with one of your old iPhones and send me your videos after you catch some fish? If you do, or if you just want to send me pics of your fish for inclusion in the daily ‘Best Damn Photos On The Internet’ pic dump then you can email me at cassatbrobibledotcom, you can fill out the anonymous ‘TIP OFF‘ form here on BroBible, or you can hit me up on Twitter!

And a big SHOUT OUT to reader Brett Stanford for emailing me this video last night!