FIU Unveils Sick New ‘Miami Vice’ Alternate Uniforms That Have Fans Drooling

miami vice logo


On Wednesday, Florida International University (FIU) unveiled some stunning new “Miami Vice” football uniforms they will wear on the field during a game in the 2023 season.

“Stuntin’ for our city,” the school wrote alongside some photos of their sick new football gear.

In a separate video unveiling the “Miami Vice” uniforms, FIU revealed that they will be worn on October 11th during the 7:30 ET game against the UTEP Miners on ESPN2.

“For the 305. Welcome to #ViceU,” the school tweeted.

Not only were college football fans, including none other than Michael Vick, very impressed by the new FIU uniforms…

“The best uni drop vid I’ve ever seen,” one fan wrote, while another tweeted, “Take my money I need one.”

So were the FIU Golden Panthers players.

“FIU’s Miami Vice uniforms are too clean,” CBS Sports College Football tweeted.

“These FIU ‘Miami Vice’ jerseys go hard,” PFF College wrote.

“SHEESH,” FanDuel commented.

FIU also shared another tweet where they explained some of the details on the uniforms.

“Miami Vice was more than just a popular television program that aired from 1984-89 on NBC,” FIU wrote on their website. “It was a cultural phenomenon that had a profound impact on the city of Miami. The show’s vibrant colors, pulsating music, and stylish fashion made it an instant hit, capturing the imagination of audiences around the world. But Miami Vice did more than just entertain.

“It put Miami on the map, showcasing the city’s diverse culture and stunning beauty to a global audience, helping to establish the city as a top tourist destination.

“And perhaps Miami Vice’s most lasting impact is the way it shaped Miami’s cultural identity. The show’s portrayal of the city as a vibrant, multicultural, and dynamic metropolis helped redefine Miami’s image. Nearly forty years after its debut, Miami Vice’s impact on the city of Miami is still felt today. As the only NCAA football program with an on-campus stadium in Miami, FIU is proud to celebrate the legacy of Miami Vice and the cultural identity of this great city by outfitting FIU football players in vice-themed uniforms this fall, debuting Oct. 11 against UTEP.”

That right there at the end was most definitely a shot at The U. Gotta love it.