Florida Gators Softball With The Sorriest Gatorade Bath Ever After Winning Back-To-Back NCAA Titles


For winning their second consecutive NCAA title after defeating Michigan 4-1, the Florida Gators softball team sure celebrated like they didn’t. Is that not the worst Gatorade bath attempt of all-time? Not trying to be mean, but come on, ladies!

First off, your school invented Gatorade, so shame on Florida for not having it on-hand for title celebrations, regardless of what NCAA sanctions prohibit. Pay the fines, advertising revenues offset that. Secondly, did coach Tim Walton even get a drop on him!!!? Psshhhhh.

This was everything a Gatorade bath shouldn’t be. Fair warning? Check. Willingness to get doused? Check. WHAT’S GOING ON HERE! It’s supposed to be about the fruitful element of icy surprise!

We need a re-do, lady Gators! But, congrats on the NCAA title nonetheless.

*Editor’s Note: I don’t care that it was Powerade. The colloquial term is “Gatorade Bath.” This discussion is over.

h/t KMarko