The Amount Of Cash That Floyd Mayweather Carried Into A Strip Club Proves He’s Undefeated At Life

Undefeated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. knows how to do things right, guys. Say what you want to about him, but, if I were lucky enough to be in his entourage, you better believe I would do almost anything to maintain a spot there, as the dude lives life harder, faster and more luxuriously than I could probably ever imagine.

The man they call “Money” once again lived up to his nickname the other night, as he was spotted walking into a Miami strip club carrying serious stacks of cash—as in $50,000 worth!


Mayweather proceeded to spend each and every bill he had because, according to TMZ Sports, he was still on a high after buying a sick, $3.5 million Bugatti earlier in the day, rolling thick with 45 of his TMT posse with him and buying 30 bottles of champagne.

There are some who believe that saving your money is the smart move. Floyd fucking scoffs at those people, as he spends millions like you or I spend on dollar slices of pizza late-night. Must be nice being filthy rich.

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