The Mayweather-McGregor Super Fight Could Generate Over $600 Million According To Report

by 11 months ago
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The potential Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor super fight could be on it’s way to becoming one of the highest grossing boxing events of all-time if it ever happens.

ESPN’s Darrell Rovell assembled a team of ticket brokers, sports marketers and others in the boxing business to take a look at the financial side of what could be the biggest pay-per-view in sporting history and broke down the best estimates of how much revenue the fight could generate.

Here’s Rovell’s final analysis.


Ticket sales: $77.1 million
Pay-Per-View sales: $475 million
Sponsorship sales: $22 million
Merchandise sales: $2 million
Betting amount: $30 million
Projected total for Mayweather-McGregor: $606 million

Rovell’s projection of $606 million falls short of the $623 million Mayweather-Pacquiao generated in 2016 for their fight two years ago.

Adding up all the major money categories, Mayweather-McGregor will give the historical super fight, Mayweather-Pacquiao, a run for its money, but it will fall short.

When all is tallied up, from all the categories, Floyd’s fight against Manny will be worth $17.4 million more overall.

As of this moment, Mayweather has yet to come to terms with McGregor on how they’d split the revenue but I can’t imagine he would hold out for much longer considering how much money is at stake.

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