Floyd Mayweather FINALLY Lost A Bet

Floyd Mayweather has done his best over the last several years to craft an image as the world’s best gambler, only posting his winning slips. A sane person, however, knew the boxer wasn’t batting 1.000 on his picks. No one does that. Hell, professionals become legends if they post a 60 percent success rate. But we could never prove it.

Until now.

Pretty Boy Floyd finally swallowed his pride and posted a losing bet.

He throw $20,000 at the Houston Texans moneyline last night and got burned by the Pittsburgh Steelers’ miraculous 24-point explosion shortly before halftime.

The good news for Mayweather? Twenty grand for him is like $20 to the rest of us. Hell, the man made over $750,000 on Sunday betting a boring-ass Arizona Cardinals-Oakland Raiders game.

[H/T: Extra Mustard]