Reporter To Folarin Balogun After USMNT 3-0 Win Over Mexico: ‘You Don’t Look Like You’re Delighted’

Folarin Balogun USMNT debut

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The USMNT made easy work of Mexico in the CONCACAF Nations League Semifinals. Christian Pulisic scored a brace in the USMNT’s 3-0 win on a night when 4 red cards were handed out.

Arsenal academy star Folarin Balogun made his debut for the US Men’s National Team with sky-high expectations. He has 21 goals in 18 matches this season in France’s Ligue 1 on loan from Arsenal to Stade de Reims.

Balogun was born in Brooklyn but grew up in England so it was a pretty big shock when he chose the USMNT over the English squad. After the match, Folarin Balogun spoke with a CBS reporter about his debut for the USA.

Things got awkward when she grilled him about how felt. The reporter said ‘you don’t look like you’re buzzing, you don’t look like you’re delighted’ when pressing him on emotions:

One person on Twitter replied “Someone needs to tell her that she can’t force someone to “be thrilled” or “act excited” just because you don’t “believe” him/her. That was embarrassing for him. Journalism isn’t forcing the answer YOU want for the interview!”

Another added “Wow, that was annoying. Ask some insightful questions about the game and his adjustments.”

Not everybody wears their emotions on their sleeves. And many athletes who do have been coached on how to speak with reporters so as not to overstep the lines. It was a heated night in the CONCACAF Nations League. But pressing him on his emotions seems odd.

Not to be lost in this is Folarin Balogun is just 21-years-old. He hasn’t spent a ton of time in front of reporters yet, but that will surely change.

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