This High School Football Coach Flipped His Sh*t After Getting Hit With A Gatorade Bath

coach freaks out gatorade bath


On Saturday, we were treated to one of the better college football games in recent memory thanks to Texas A&M and LSU, who needed seven overtimes to decide an absolutely insane contest that ended with the Aggies walking away with a 74-72 victory.

However, in order to bring us some free football, A&M had to pull off a last-second miracle to tie the matchup shortly after LSU coach Ed Orgeron was treated to a refreshing Gatorade bath after his team assumed they had sealed the game.

Don’t laugh. Premature celebration is a serious problem impacting way more men than you’d think.

Considering the circumstances, that should have been the most disastrous Gatorade bath of the week, but thanks to a high school football team in Kansas the title might not be so undisputed.

Over the weekend, the St. Thomas Aquinas Saints took home the Class 5A state championship for the first time in school history so it was only natural the players would want to celebrate a little bit.

Of course, there’s no better way to do that than putting your coach at the slight risk of hypothermia so a couple of players made sure to grab a cooler and dump it over the head of Randy Dreiling, the man who’d led them to victory.

Unfortunately for them, Dreiling was not having any of that bullshit.

A photographer at the game captured the moment and it was very clear the coach was not amused.

A reporter also shared a clip capturing the incident, and while he didn’t go into full Bobby Knight mode, Dreiling was pretty heated for a guy who’d just had a bunch of ice poured over him.

In fairness, he’s not the only coach who isn’t a huge fan of the tradition, as James Franklin (jokingly) freaked out after getting hit with a bath of his own last year.

They really don’t make football coaches like they used to.

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