Football Fans Have Jokes About Strange Branding For Today’s NFL Games


Getty Image / Ian Johnson

  • Football fans are enjoying the rare treat of some Saturday NFL action today
  • They’ve noticed an interesting quirk with the broadcast’s branding that ignores when the game is actually being played
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NFL fans have been treated to a pair of matchup with varying meaning this Saturday. However, there is one small quirk that many have noticed on the broadcast for the early game.

The Saturday afternoon matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos has strangely been branded as a “ESPN Monday Night Football Doubleheader”. It is an odd choice for a game being played on ABC on a Saturday.

It should come as no surprise that the internet was not ready to just let this choice slide without first letting their opinions be known.

The branding decision isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but it does feel a little bit lazy to not at least change the graphics somewhat instead of using the same stuff as you do on Mondays.

The game itself has at least been a lot more entertaining than most Monday night action we’ve been seeing lately.