Unemployed Graphic Designer Creates Football Helmets For Every NBA Team And They’re AMAZING

NBA helmets


We’ve seen a LOT of very imaginative people come up with alternative football helmets over the years. Star Wars designs, Game of Thrones designs, and just plain ole sweet as fuck designs.

But we’ve never seen football helmets designed for NBA teams yet. Until now.

Unemployed graphic designer/Redditor thekingofkrash (aka James Politi) says that he misses the NFL and has to watch basketball with his friends, so it inspired him to come up these amazing beauties.

After looking at a few of them I now want NBA players to start wearing helmets because these are completely badass (especially the Lakers new design – so boss). Tell me you don’t agree…

I'm an unemployed graphic designer who misses the NFL and has to watch basketball with his friends. Here is "If the NBA had helmets", hope you enjoy.


Also, someone find James Politi a job, pronto. Dude is wicked talented.

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