I’m Not One To Get Excited About Reality TV But ‘Football Town’ From The NFL Network Just Made Me Squirt A Little


NFL Network / Facebook

I don’t know what it is about the current slate of reality programming on television but there’s just nothing out there at the moment that I can get excited about, at all. Thankfully (for me) this morning I stumbled across this trailer for Football Town, a new reality show from the NFL Network that’s centered around the town of Barrow, Alaska. The town of Barrow, Alaska sits 320 miles north of the Arctic Circle and it is the northernmost town in the United States. When the sun sets in mid-November the residents of Barrow don’t see a glimmer of sunlight until the sun comes back out again some time in late January.

If it’s not obvious by now Barrow is one of the least livable cities on the planet, yet somehow it’s a town that’s ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH FOOTBALL, and that’s what gotten Barrow its very own reality show from the NFL Network. The 60-minute premiere of Football Town debuts on Tuesday, September 22 at 9pm ET on the NFL Network, but below is a 16min47sec clip that’ll have you more stoked for Football Town than you’ve ever been for any season of HBO’s Hard Knocks. Don’t believe me? Just watch the first 60 seconds of the Football Town clip below and tell me you’re not already hooked:

‘Football Town’ Premieres September 22nd at 9pm ET on the NFL Network

For whatever reason the NFL Network decided to ONLY put that video above on their Facebook page and not on their YouTube channel, but here are two more :30 clips from their YT channel to get you all jacked up for the September 22nd premiere of Football Town on the NFL Network:


So, who’s as stoked as I am for Football Town? If you’re as stoked as I am then go set your DVR’s for September 22nd at 9pm ET on the NFL Network.


NFL Network / Facebook