Former Japanese Slugger Takeshi Yamasaki Tried to Hit a 186 MPH Fastball, Failed Miserably

by 4 years ago


Look, I am not going to tell anyone how to live their life, but I think wearing a helmet when facing 186 mph cheese is a good idea. I am sure that souped-up machine is expertly calibrated and not like the always unpredictable iron giants ubiquitous at miniature golf courses around the country.

The good news for former Chunichi Dragons bopper Takeshi Yamasaki? He wasn’t killed by a lightning fast rocket to the temple. The bad news for Yamasaki? He didn’t come even close to making contact.

It’s not like you can blame him, though. Watch how blisteringly quick this pitch looks even in slow motion.


Make sure to try this at home. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

[H/T: Big League Stew]


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