Former NFL OT DJ Fluker Is Absolutely Jacked, Looks Nearly Unrecognizable As He Attempts Comeback

DJ Fluker playing for Seahawks

Getty Image

Former NFL offensive lineman DJ Fluker wants to play in the NFL again and he looks like he’s doing all the right things to get teams to notice him.

Earlier this week, the 32-year-old Fluker attended Alabama’s Pro Day to prove that he can still play in the league.

Fluker last played in 2020 and weighed 242 at the time. He now weighs 330 pounds, is incredibly jacked, and looks nearly unrecognizable in recent pics.

Fluker also looked pretty good while running drills at Alabama’s Pro Day.

According to Internet reports Fluker wants to play for the Dolphins, who cut him back in 2020 after he underwent surgery for a knee injury.

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