Former New England Patriots Player Rips Bill Belichick For Late-Game Decision Against Eagles

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There aren’t many people out there who can question Bill Belichick when it comes to the way he coaches.

After all, Belichick has lifted a record six Lombardi Trophies.

But former New England Patriots player and current analyst Ted Johnson is apparently one of those people.

Johnson’s critique centered around Belichicks’s late-game decision making in New England’s 25-20 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1.

The Patriots fourth-and-3 from the Eah;es’ 17-yard line with 9:39 remaining in the contest. But rather than kick a field goal, Belichick opted to go for it and the result was an incomplete pass that gave the ball back to the Eagles.

That decision came back to bite  him. New England drove down to Philly’s 20-yard line late in the contest, but trailed by five instead of two and eventually turned the ball over on downs.

Had they taken the points earlier in the game, it’s possible they could have kicked a game-winning field goal.

Belichick defended the decision after the game.

“I felt like it was the best decision for the team,” he said.

Then when asked a follow-up question, he doubled down.

“Made the best decision we could at the time,” Belichick said. “Didn’t know we would be down there multiple times. Six minutes to go in the game. I don’t know. If we had kicked it, I’m sure you would be asking why didn’t we go for it.”

Johnson wasn’t having it.

“It’s a cop-out,”  he said of Belichick’s answer. “He just gets away with saying it’s best for the team and doesn’t want to answer the question. He should answer that question.

“I mean, it just doesn’t make sense. I know you’ve got to be aggressive against Philly and maybe take your shot, but not at the end of games in critical situations…Just saying it was the best decision for the team — I don’t think that’s an acceptable answer.”

Is the Bill Belichick shine finally wearing off in New England? It sure seems that way.