Fox Sports’ Matt Leinart Blasts LA’s Latest Covid-19 Dining Restrictions ‘Can’t Wait To Move Out Of This Awful Place’

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Los Angeles is shutting down dining at restaurants, breweries, and bars for at least three weeks amid a surge in coronavirus cases, and former NFL QB and current Fox Sports analyst Matt Leinart isn’t happy about it.

On Sunday, LA County made their dining restrictions official via a statement.

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“To reduce the possibility for crowding and the potential for exposures in settings where people are not wearing their face coverings, restaurants, breweries, wineries and bars will only be able to offer take-out, drive thru, and delivery services,” the county’s Department of Public Health said in a news release. “Wineries and breweries may continue their retail operations adhering to current protocols. In person dining will not be allowed, at minimum, for the next 3 weeks.”

Officials had warned of more restrictions earlier in the week if the county’s five-day average of new cases was above 4,000. Sunday’s five-day average was 4,097 cases.

Leinart, who played football at USC, saw the news and took to Twitter to vent his frustrations.

Leinart immediately received backlash for his comments, but he continued to defend himself.

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