Frank Caliendo Impersonating NFL Coaches Reviewing The 2020 NFL Schedule Is The Laugh We Needed Today

Frank Caliendo NFL Coaches

Twitter / @FrankCaliendo

With the NFL releasing the 2020 schedules for next season, fans are feeling optimistic there will be football in the Fall.

So far, it’s looking about 50/50.

If the season does get delayed or moves on without fans in the stands, the NFL stands to lose a ton of money.

Coaches and players probably react to the schedule the same way fans do – going week-by-week and assessing which games will be tough and which games will, hopefully, be a cakewalk.

Frank Caliendo took this idea a step further by imagining the reactions of a few NFL coaches – and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Caliendo shows the overall confidence of John Gruden, Andy Reid needing just one player to succeed, Sean McVay being a savant, Bill Belichik being as excited as usual, and Adam Gase doing what Adam Gase does.

The impressions were all pretty spot on but I think Bruce Arians curses way more than Caliendo thinks.


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