Frank Clark Shares Why He Chose To Sign With Broncos, Believes They Can ‘Turn It Around’

Broncos new DE Frank Clark

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

The Denver Broncos hope to bounce back in a big way after moving on from Nathaniel Hackett as head coach.

Sean Payton enters the scene and many hope he can get Russell Wilson back on track. Additionally, Denver has made some solid moves to improve the team this offseason.

One acquisition that turned heads was defensive end Frank Clark, who just recently signed with the Broncos.

Now, the veteran pass rusher reveals why he chose to play for Denver.

According to Bobby Kownack, Clark fully believes the Broncos are a team that can “turn it around in a heartbeat.”

He’s really enjoyed the decisions the front office has made this year and thinks he’s a great addition to the roster. Here is his full statement.

“You can say what you want about their record, but if you know football, if you understand it, that’s the type of team that can turn it around in a heartbeat. I’ve seen it and I know it. They just need to add a few pieces to get the job done, and I feel like they’re doing the right thing adding me.”

It’s not like the Broncos are all that far away from being a playoff contender. The defense was one of the best last season while the offense was nothing to write home about.

But it’s hard to forget how bad that offense was just last season.

Regardless, Sean Payton certainly could be the guy who turns things around for Denver. He’s had incredible success throughout his career and many expect him to continue that next season.

With that said, look for Frank Clark and the Broncos defense to play at a high level. If the offense can improve, then this team could be back in playoff contention.