A 19-Year-Old Australian Just Made One Of The Most Insane Catches You Will Ever See (Video)

Jake Fraser-McGurk Cricket Australia Big Bash League Leaping Catch


In only the third match of the 2021 Big Bash League, Melbourne Renegades’ Jake Fraser-McGurk already made the best catch of the season. It is one of the most insane catches you will see in any sport, in any year, at any time.

During the seventh over of the Adelaide Strikers’ chase, Renegades bowler Zakir Khan sent in a pitch to Jake Weathereld. Weathereld slog sweeped the ball (hit it as hard as he could) into the air and it looked like it was headed out of the pitch for a six.

Not if Fraser-McGurk had anything to say about it.

The 19-year-old (!!) was fielding at deep mid-wicket and the ball appeared to be sailing over his head. In turn, Fraser-McGurk timed his jump to perfection and made a mind-blowing catch.

He stuck his hand out, grabbed the ball, and landed well inside the boundaries for the out.

To top it off, Fraser-McGurk celebrated as if he was Spiderman and sent the crowd into a frenzy. His effort at the Docklands Stadium in Melbourne not only affected the outcome of the match in a big way, but it had the entire cricket world going crazy.

Once it made its way to cricket fans, the incredible grab saw an even greater outreach, making its way onto the timeline of non-cricket fans. That’s how you know that a play was truly remarkable— when it is discovered by people who don’t enjoy cricket.

What a catch from Fraser-McGurk. He may not be old enough to drink in the United States, but he is surely celebrating with a few pints in Australia.

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