Bro Hits A Golf Ball From Atop A Frozen Pond, Fails As Spectacularly As You Might Expect

by 3 years ago
frozen pond golf shot fail


This dude has gone viral for hitting the most spectacularly awful golf shot of 2016. He squared up to the ball on top of a frozen pond, took a full swing, and then failed beyond his wildest dreams. Thankfully, there was someone on dry land filming this entire shit show for us

Bro, there’s no grass. What did you think was going to happen here? Did you expect to just shave off a little ice like one of Rita’s Frozen Italian Ices? Or did you think that you were going to skull that ball right through the middle and send it back to land with one of the shittiest shots of 2017? This is a lose-lose scenario.

This golf shot truly is proof that when you play stupid games you win stupid prizes…I’m not saying golf is stupid, I love golf, I’m just saying that he never should’ve hit that fucking shot.

Maybe he knew all along that he’d go plummeting into the frozen pond like Elijah Wood in The Good Son after Macaulay Culkin tried to kill him (that was a fucked up movie).

(h/t FOX Sports)

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