FSU Football Tweeted Congratulations To Ex-QB Jake Coker And ‘Noles Fans Lost Their Friggin’ Minds

Alabama quarterback Jake Coker led the Crimson Tide to Nick Saban’s 5th overall national title on Monday night, besting Dabo Sweeney’s Clemson Tigers 45-40 in one heck of a shootout.

As congratulations and celebratory rants rang in on the Twitter by the Tuscaloosa faithful, so did, ummmm, the Florida State Seminoles tipping their cap to Coker (???), who transferred away from Tallahassee in 2014 after playing behind Jameis Winston.

Well now Jake Coker has a national championship with Alabama on his résumé and the Noles PR people have A LOT of backlash to deal with, because surely this isn’t kosher. After all, THIS IS CAWLEDGE FOOTBAWL WE’RE TALKIN’ BOUT HEEYAAA!

So yeah, on behalf of the Florida State Seminoles, congrats Jake Coker? LOLOLOLOL.