Watch FSU Recruit Zaquandre White Break 12 Tackles In One Of The Most Insane Runs You’ll Ever See

Poor tackling? Great running? Or was it a lethal combination of both?

Considering that Florida State recruit Zaquandre White was almost on the ground several times during this run — one where he broke 12 tackles — I am going to say that there was plenty of poor tackling on the play but his will to fucking succeed trumped all else.

According to Tomahawk Nation:

White is 6’0, 200 pounds, is a four-star recruit and committed to FSU in late February. He also holds offers from Louisville, Miami and Tennessee. Here’s betting that he gets a few more offers as college coaches see this highlight and his recruiting tape.

He should drop the zero (FSU) and get with the hero (Miami). Boom! Roasted! Fuck you FSU!

(Sadly that statement lost all its weight sometime around 2005 so yeah, FSU is probably the best choice for him. God, being a Miami alum has sucked for a while now…)

[H/T Poo Stick]