NHRA Funny Car Goes Airborne After Hitting 250+ MPH, Driver Somehow Manages To Avoid Crashing And Rides It Out

by 2 years ago

This is being called one of the wildest moments in NHRA Funny Car racing history, which if we’re being honest isn’t a statement I’d say I’m qualified to claim so I’m glad other people are hyping up this clip as much as I am. I’m the furthest thing from an expert in Funny Car racing, or even someone who is particularly knowledgeable about the sport, but growing up my dad did take me along to a handful of races because a close friend of his was a driver/racer. I saw some crazy wrecks and some enormous fires on the track, but I don’t recall ever seeing anything quite like this.

You’ve got the Funny Car hitting 250MPH and then going air born, but the driver’s somehow able to keep the car on line and when the Funny Car touches back down on the track, still going fast as hell, the car somehow doesn’t spin out of control and crash. Fucking incredible:

I still cannot believe that driver was able to hold on. The tiniest wind gust from any direction and that car would’ve flipped upside down, or the wheels would have gotten offline and crashed going several hundred miles per hour. Truly spectacular.

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